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These days a lot more users are browsing the web on mobile devices rather than desktop computers. This has changed the alot as far as web design goes and it’s critical to make sure your business is keeping up for all prospects to be able to use mobile as well.

At New Trends Computing, we provide a full range of mobile web design services that can help you create a website that will operate perfectly correct on all types of devices.

What is Mobile Web Design?

What makes mobile web design different from other web design?

One huge difference is the size of the screen. Mobile devices will have a smaller dimensions than your desktop computers, meaning that the web design from the past layouts will not necessarily work as effectively.

There are 2 ways to get around this problem. One is by using a separate ‘mobile friendly site’ that will only work with mobile devices. Another is to use a responsive design, which means your site will alter according to the display it’s being viewed on. Responsive design is the best approach and has multiple advantages over other strategies – being view-able on many more devices for instance.

Other considerations also need to be made. Will your choice of type Style work on a smaller display? Do you have too many images resulting in a crowded look?

Mobile design also means taking into account the practical considerations of a mobile site. Having a Touch interfaces for example will always be different from point and click interfaces – with things like drop down menus being unattainable. Other elements like Flash effects simply won’t load on mobile devices and need to be dropped entirely. Page load time optimization is a must and always important with any website but it becomes even more crucial when a mobile user is viewing your site through a data plan.


What Makes Mobile Web Design Great

Amazing Design Sensibilities

Great mobile web designs means creating better responsive websites that look amazing no matter what size of display they’re being viewed on. At New Trends Computing we specialize in developing sites that adapt naturally to different display sizes and which can be navigated using any type of input to include touch. We do all this without sacrificing any of our amazing design capabilities that our web design is known for.

As with any web design, mobile designs need to look crisp, modern, eye-catching and impressive. You need to make sure that your site is professional enough to compete with the best that your industry or niche has to offer so that you’re able to make an awesome first impressions when your visitors first load up your site.

Our mobile web design services provide clients with access to truly professional and Awesome design at very affordable rates. We work closely with you to ensure that your site reflects your brand the way you want it, while at the same time bringing our considerable expertise to the table to ensure that your site is highly functional, Professional in design and optimized for search engines.

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