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Ask any ‘computer repair guru’ what matters most in the world today is. It is a compute working at its most optimal settings. We have a dedicated staff ready to help you with all your computer repair issues today.

Do you Need computer repair? Ask yourself the following:

Is your computer running slow? Are you having popups that you can’t control? Are Programs loading but not loading correctly or very slowly? If you answered Yes to any of there is a high probability that your computer may have been compromised by a Trojan, Virus, or Malware. It is vitally important to have you computer fixed at the beginning signs of a computer infection, virus, slow downs etc. In some cases it is that you have received a computer infection that can come from a wide range of things to include: e-mails, Websites, downloaded programs, or an infected cd that someone may have given you.  The other possible issue with a computers slow down could be a result of a piece of hardware in the computer that is going bad and that can range from a hard drive, Video card, bad motherboard and many other possibilities. In either case it has been a proven fact that in most cases if you have it diagnosed by a profession Technician like our team here at New Trends Computing it can save you money and time. If you are a business and the system is slow it causes you to lose money in productivity of you employees and the possibility of losing Data as well that can be very costly to a company of any size.

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